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Atlassian Developer. Atlassian Developer. Atlassian Developer.
Our developer support channels are here to help you. Ask a question or just lurk in the developer community for help with our development tools. Marketplace vendor support. Get help with your Marketplace apps and publishing issues. Developer status page.
WELCOME TO THE FAN-CENTRIC PLATFORM. The Ticketmaster Developer Portal.
Pramod Setlur, API developer. The Ticketmaster API is really easy to use! ArJun Madan, API developer. The API Explorer is great. It helps me identify if the error is in the API or in my code. Ryan Zhou, API developer.
Kongregate Developers.
Developer: Borne Games. Steam: Very Positive 4.0 User Rating. Fancy Pants Adventure was one of the first breakout successes on and weve maintained our relationship with the developer, Brad Borne, for 10 years. Kongregate is proud to be the publisher behind his premium game.
Avalara Developer.
The Avalara Developer Community is live! Learn more about how to use the community here. Tax compliance done right with Avalara's' API. Technology to help your business manage sales and use, excise, GST, VAT, and other tax types, across the U.S.
Matomo Analytics formerly Piwik Analytics Developer Docs v4.
Develop Matomo Plugins. Check out the low-level documentation for the HTTP, JavaScript or PHP API. What has changed in the latest Matomo Piwik versions for the developers. Get support or get involved with the developer community. Copyright Twitter GitHub.
Google Developers.
We've' launched a new site dedicated to on-device machine learning. It explains why you should care about running on-device ML, gives a clear overview of Google's' solutions and tools, and helps you to quickly get started in your own apps. Certification vouchers for Black developers. If you self-identify as a Black developer in the US, you can now request free or discounted vouchers to take certification exams for Android, TensorFlow, and/or Cloud.
Nest Developers.
In addition, we've' launched a new developer program, Device Access, which enables access, control, and management of Nest devices within partner apps, solutions, and smart home ecosystems, using the Smart Device Management SDM API. To learn about this new program and how to get started, visit the Device Access site.
EOSIO Developer Portal EOSIO Development Documentation EOSIO Developer Docs.
EOSIO Developer Portal. Get Started Manuals API Reference Resources Glossary. EOSIO Developer Portal. EOSIO is a free, open-source blockchain software protocol that provides developers and entrepreneurs with a platform on which to build, deploy and run high-performing blockchain applications. How EOSIO Works.
POS System Credit Card Readers Clover.
Software Developers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Testers: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
They often work in offices and on teams with other software developers or quality assurance analysts and testers. How to Become a Software Developer, Quality Assurance Analyst, or Tester. Software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers typically need a bachelors degree in computer and information technology or a related field.

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